For “Creator” SoloPreneurs who have perfected at least one Content Production Business Model, and who want to leverage that success into a fully complimented product and service offering.

Need help taking your SOLOpreneur Media Company to the Next Level without Burnout or Sacrificing your Values?

The FLOW Method

If you said YES! We want to use our unique and proprietary  “FLOW Method” to hand build your Holistic Media Company Scaling Strategy and an Execution Plan that our team (or yours) can begin implementing immediately to Optimize your Existing Revenue Centers, and Systematically adding Additional Revenue Opportunities.

Turn your SOLOpro Channel INTO  a HOLOpro Business

What’s a HOLOpreneur?

Imagine a business that doesn’t scale exponentially, but rather intuitively and prioritizing your happiness 🙂

Imagine a business that stays as comfortable to your lifestyle is today, but with the lift of sustainable growth.


Channels & Shows - Podcasts & Summits

Do you have a YouTube Channel that’s pushing 1m subscribers? Or a Podcast? Or maybe you’ve built a popular Summit  or other Limited Series?

Programs & Courses - Products & Services

Are you an Expert, Coach, or Mentor who’s Program or Courses are doing well, but you could use some Lead-Flow from Content Marketing?

Documentaries & Features

Have you produced a Documentary or Feature film that’s missing the Story Beats, & Story Flows that allow for Integrating your Content Strategy?


Channels & Shows - Podcasts & Summits

Have you itemized, and categorized your past content? Does your future content have a strategy? Do you have hundreds of posts, shows, and episodes that are not transcribed, and segmented for use in cross-channel content marketing?

Missing out on this critical 1st order pre and post-production activity deprives you of the foundation for creating more profound 2nd and 3rd order products such as Courses, and Programs as well as Documentaries and Features.



Programs & Courses - Products & Services

Integrated Productions will include past content if appropriate, but should certainly be built around the various feature subject pillars any show, or summit covers to ensure continuity in messaging, and congruency in the audience, and customer journeys.


  • In every feature interview, ask the same questions to compile a product, or a course on that specific subject.
  • Draft program matter based on discoveries in the serialized content.
  • Weave program assets back into the serialized content and the final features films and documentaries
  • Establish authoritative narratives around proprietary methods and systems.

Films, Documentaries & Limited Series

Most feature products either treat their content marketing as after thoughts or are produced to sell an existing program. 

Ask yourself: “What if I produced all 3 pillars with the same mind, strategy, and a coherent timeline”?

How much better would your feature film be? How much more interesting would your Documentary Story Beats be, and how well would your products well when they are effectively, intuitively pre-sold through fully integrated and congruent branding, concepts, personalities, methods, systems, products and services.


30,000 Foot View: Ground-Level Action

Integrated Media Producers can see your business from a very high level, understand quickly the strategies needed at multiple levels, and zoom down in an instant to execute tactics on the ground level. Having holistic vision is paramount.

Featured Case Studies

Each of our last 3 clients are generating 7 figures per year with their Integrated Funnels.

Mindful World, Milton's Secret


Expert Selling

A few words from happy clients:

When I launched my new business, Linked Into Leads, in February 2014 and needed some guidance on how to structure my product offering, marketing strategy and overall business model, Mike was the first person I turned to. What started as me speaking on the topic of LinkedIn very quickly turned into a full-service agency with multiple online products, consistent recurring revenue and a unique differentiation in a busy marketplace of competitors selling “lead generation” and “social selling” solutions. I can honestly say that my business would not be as successful as it is today if not for the knowledge, insight and vision that Mike brought to the table

Trevor Turnbull

Founder and CEO, Linked Into Leads

“Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore.  When an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.”

Stephen Huszar

Integration is the New Growth

There are many ways to GROW your business, but only when done right by integration is the growth exponential  Integrated expanses includes an “at-Ease” sustainability, and intention. Growth alone leads to business “dis-Ease”.

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Media Productions

For “Creator” SoloPreneurs who have perfected 1 Content Production Business Model, and who want to leverage that success into a fully complimented product and service offering.


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